Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Madman or Seer?

    Saturday, September 30, Noon-1 PM

    Judge today as Virato probes the mind of Michael Sunanda. A student of the late Buckminster Fuller, Sunanda claims special awareness of the earth's energy systems. He says that sun cycles are impacting the Earth's climate, and that the sun is radiating several times more energy than it has in the past and it is still peaking. Sunanda says NASA is well aware of the sun's increased activity, but is keeping this information from the public.

    Paranoia or fact?

    Sunanda who lives in Eugene, Oregon, says solar energy is being absorbed by Earth's magnetic field and pumped inside the planet, greatly intensifying underwater volcanic activity. The lava churned out by the undersea volcanoes is heating the oceans that affects the planet's climate, he says.

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