Sunday, May 24, 2009

    Free Asheville

    Get free items in the Asheville North Carolina Area on Twitter at Free Asheville.

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Green Bash

    A banging bass-heavy warehouse party to feel great about. Introducing Asheville to Atlanta’s infamous “80 Megaton” soundsystem (4 x 18″), light up dance floor, and snow machine and more all made possible by Mellow Mushroom. Just wait til you see how this event gets decked out.

    Featuring spoken-word poets of The Poetix Vanguard, hip-hop stylings of Preach Jacobs, the freshest DJ sounds of Bowie, Midnite Ace, Mindelixir, and Cameron Corey, with digital projection art from VJ collective The NightLight Riders.

    Party kicks off at 9:00 pm sharp on Saturday May 23rd. @ The Star Factory, 191 Lyman St. Suite 101, Asheville, NC.

    Drum Circle to receive new equipment

    The Asheville Downtown Association will present several drums and accessories to the Asheville Drum Circle at 7 p.m. Friday.
    “We are so fortunate to have this group of people who create this music in Pritchard Park,” said Byron Greiner, the president of the association's board of directors, in a statement. "The circle encourages participation and we are donating instruments to support their activities."
    The association is donating a 55-gallon dun dun, two djembes, an ashiko, a cowbell, three sets of claves and three shakers.

    The drum circle has been active since 2001 and takes place each Friday, weather permitting, in Pritchard Park, downtown.

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Asheville Communes & Cohousing

    Visitors come by here looking for communes in the Asheville area so I'm going to put up this post and hope it gets in the search engines.

    The best place to look from the urban co-ops to cohousing groups to ecovillages to rural communes in the Western North Carolina area is the Intentional Communities website by state. You can also update that site yo'self. (Earthaven is probably the most well known place around.)

    Cohousing has really grown around our area the past decade or so. It's an attempt to utilize the social, economical, and practical benefits of cooperative living while at the same time allowing for individual needs and privacy. In cohousing, families reside in their own private apartments but unlike traditional urban or suburban neighborhoods where anonymity is the rule, cohousing not only allows for, but strongly encourages social interaction, interdependence, and cooperation among all members. Think of it as living in a dorm. You can learn all about cohousing at

    The websites stay up to date I so hope this helps out a bit and if there's anything we need to add please let me know.

    Monday, May 04, 2009


    Free material items in the Asheville North Carolina Area.

    This twitter feed on Free Asheville items is busy, busy, busy.