Saturday, May 28, 2011

    Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are in Asheville per Ashvegas reader

    Just wanted everyone to know that Tim Burton is staying at Hotel Indigo (from someone who works there) and Johnny Depp is in town as well. Busy time for stars in AVL!
    Link  Keep checking this link for more updates.  Their people are more out and about and informed about this than I but we're all checking sources re: JD and Tim Burton.

    Lots of famous people visit with us. From what I've gathered through the years, they can keep their privacy quite well here.

    Asheville, NC, is one of the world's best kept secret spots where visitors exclaim soon after they come here that they're moving here permanently as soon as they can make it happen.

    We are a big blue dot surrounded by a red state and we have almost a communal vibe with all the friendly musicians, street performers, concerts, protests and other fun gatherings. We're also very gay-friendly.

    Drive towards downtown, park your car, get out and mingle to the sights, scents, and sounds of Asheville, Johnny. I'll be looking out for ya!

    UPDATE: they're scouting locations for the impending Dark Shadows movie,a Gothic soap opera, where Johnny Depp plays Vampire Barnabus Collins.  Tim has to be in LA today, May 28th, so don't know if he'll come back or if they're through.


    Anonymous said...

    Lots of news that the entire thing is being shot in England and has already started shooting.

    Anonymous said...

    They came back after about a week of filming. They were filming by my house yesterday. I had to go to work or else I definitely would've been there!

    John Blanton said...

    I live in Asheville myself and I always love it when celebrities come vacation or relax in our beautiful city!