Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Anti-SOA Circus Troupe

    from my inbox:

    Subject: SUPPORT CALL for Upcoming Anti-SOA Circus Troupe at UNCA, Nov 12

    In behalf of the Traveling Bonfires and UNCA's Students for a Democratic Society, I'd like to invite you to a very significant and urgent show on NOVEMBER 12, SUNDAY, 7pm at UNCA's Alumni Hall. The show is called "WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS" by a touring group called CARDBOARD CHAOS (Uncle Sam's Little Global Circus). This is the Asheville leg of an annual East Coast tour to help shut down the US Army School of the Americas. It features a provocative mix of circus stunts, puppetry, political satire and original music. The show is FREE; donations collected at the show go to Cardboard Chaos' tour

    Meantime, The Bonfires also requests any form of help or donation--little cash or spare change, extra accommodation to our visitors etc--to help us make this event a fulfilling, enjoyable and relevant community effort. You can either email me back or call Marta Osborne at 505 0476 for more info.

    In case you want to see us, we will be at Pritchard Park this Saturday, OCT 28, from 4pm to 10pm--for The Bonfires' annual Halloween family dance-concert/gathering, "BONFIRES FOR VAMPIRES: Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park, Year 3." Touch Samadhi's family of DJs will be spinning records, and we will be giving out free gifts and goodies to kids. GRACIAS!

    --Pasckie Pascua

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Blissful Rituals

    about blissful rituals
    In the early winter of 2004, Blissful Rituals was created as an offering to the Asheville community. The focus of Blissful Rituals is to offer healing massage and body treatments using the purest substances available. Organic oils and happily harvested herbs are the ingredients in all massage and body treatments. All products used are without any chemical solvents or preservatives whatsoever. Using only natural substances for cleansing and rejuvenation sends strong positive messages to the mind, body, and spirit that we are in harmony with nature. Thus, we are honoring ourselves, each other and The Earth at the same time.

    about lara narayani

    In 1992, Narayani began to spiritually awaken when she started practicing Yoga and meditation. Realizing there was a higher calling to be discovered, she embarked on a journey to find her true work in the world. In 1997, she moved to New York to focus her studies on massage at The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy. Staying focused on spiritual studies, she recieved certification as a Yoga Instructor through the Integral Yoga Institute in 1999. Narayani also has studied a variety of ancient healing practices, including: Kabbalah, Native American Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel Teachings, West African Dance, Soul-Point, Qi-Gong for enlightenment, Ayurveda, Both DONA and Wholistic Doula training in Asheville. Through practicing healing arts from various cultures, we tune into the simple laws of nature and realize that all life is connected and thus sacred. Inspired by this truth, Blissful Rituals was created as an offering to the Asheville community in 2004. In 2006, Narayani completeed an intensive training in Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments and hands on techniques at the well respected Ayurvedic Institute. She continues to learn and teach around the US to share the simplicity of healing.


    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Bonfires For Peace

    Pritchard Park halloween trance party 10/28 - link

    Yellow Door

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Samhain Rite

    What: Asheville's 12th Annual Free Public Witch Ritual -- theme: Creatures of the Night
    When: Halloween, Tuesday, Oct. 31st from 8 p.m. "until"
    Where: Unity Center of Christianity, 2041 Old Fanning Bridge Rd., Fletcher, NC at Oldenwilde.

    This year's Samhain theme is Creatures of the Night, and thousands of costumed monsters, dark fairies, and sexy Witches are expected to descend on the Blue Ridge Mountain area. Features include a kids' Creepy Carnival, a maze trance dance for adults, Witchy music spun by The Poles bandmember Eli Jeremiah, balefires, fire-spinning, and local dance troupes Baraka Mundi and the Asheville Movement Collective.
    "Folks of all ages and faiths are welcome to thrill to the beauty of the night with us and work magic so everyone will thrive till Spring," Lady Passion concludes.

    Samhain XII flyer and a map to the Unity site are at:
    Lady Passion and *Diuvei may be reached at: (828) 251-0343.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Asheville Purple Pages

    A G,L,B,& T friendly directory.


    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Guerrilla Art School

    Black Gum College allegedly existed in or around Old Fort, North Carolina during 1972-3. The surviving mission statement of this guerrilla Art School claims that its purpose was "to inject ooze into society so that art can exist in this constrictive culture."

    According to legend, students were "recruited" then led blind-folded to "the campus," a forest clearing where they were given workshops in energy transference, witchcraft, and juice drawing. Students were warned against disclosing the college's location or going public with details concerning their education. No one has yet come forth as a former student. Read more»»

    Recent drawings by Steve Brown and the final performance of the black ooze

    Reception 7- 11 pm October 13th 2006
    Performance some time after 9 pm October 13th 2006
    Harvest Records · 415-b Haywood Rd · Asheville · NC · 28806
    828 258 2999

    So far I cannot find one thing on the internet about this art school.

    Great God Pan