Monday, October 23, 2006

    Blissful Rituals

    about blissful rituals
    In the early winter of 2004, Blissful Rituals was created as an offering to the Asheville community. The focus of Blissful Rituals is to offer healing massage and body treatments using the purest substances available. Organic oils and happily harvested herbs are the ingredients in all massage and body treatments. All products used are without any chemical solvents or preservatives whatsoever. Using only natural substances for cleansing and rejuvenation sends strong positive messages to the mind, body, and spirit that we are in harmony with nature. Thus, we are honoring ourselves, each other and The Earth at the same time.

    about lara narayani

    In 1992, Narayani began to spiritually awaken when she started practicing Yoga and meditation. Realizing there was a higher calling to be discovered, she embarked on a journey to find her true work in the world. In 1997, she moved to New York to focus her studies on massage at The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy. Staying focused on spiritual studies, she recieved certification as a Yoga Instructor through the Integral Yoga Institute in 1999. Narayani also has studied a variety of ancient healing practices, including: Kabbalah, Native American Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel Teachings, West African Dance, Soul-Point, Qi-Gong for enlightenment, Ayurveda, Both DONA and Wholistic Doula training in Asheville. Through practicing healing arts from various cultures, we tune into the simple laws of nature and realize that all life is connected and thus sacred. Inspired by this truth, Blissful Rituals was created as an offering to the Asheville community in 2004. In 2006, Narayani completeed an intensive training in Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments and hands on techniques at the well respected Ayurvedic Institute. She continues to learn and teach around the US to share the simplicity of healing.



    Anonymous said...

    As long as she is not charging for any Native American sweat lodge work, then she sounds OK.