Saturday, November 15, 2008

    8 arrested in Craigslist prostitution sting in Asheville

    Police arrested eight women in a recent series of special operations targeting alleged prostitution on the Craigslist Web site.

    The article goes on to name the eight women.


    * I have mixed emotions on prostitution. Mainly it's such a degrading thing for a woman or a man to do for one thing, but, if no one is being harmed I don't see why you should be arrested if it involves two consenting adults.

    * And from Asheville's standpoint, is it really so bad for business?

    * And C, the whole entrapment thing is a whole 'nother matter by itself.


    Rev. Johnny Lemuria said...

    It is degrading _because_ people get arrested for doing it. The pain, the shame, the danger, the stigma- it all rises from the attitudes and mindsets that make it illegal in the first place. Legalize it, and the men and women involved get police protection and redress, and the storefronts, marketing, insurance, medical care, and other elements of infrastructure that other service providers expect as a matter of course. Remove the illegality, and you go a long towards removing the degradation.
    And yes, Asheville could you all the business that doesn't knock down trees and mountains it can get. And yes, entrapment, not to mention many other police strategies, suck.

    joshua said...

    i think that prostitution has been around for so long cause it make sense. if a man could sell sex as easily who wouldnt.? done in the right way it could be very helpful to the economy. but living in the bible belt its looked down on. if the government could tax it somehow then i am sure it would be legal

    Anonymous said...

    If Craigs List one of the countries top 10 internet websites was not free and the govt' was able to tax it for all of these years. It would not have been Domonized in the media as it has been. The U.S. govt' doesn't want anything to be free or easy for us.
    As for the goons in charge of prostitution stings "vice", "narco", I have heard they will go so far as to have sex with a girl and make a bust. This happens all of the time where I am from in Indianpolis. It is aired on the television twice a year. The same guys are suspended then return to "work".