Saturday, July 17, 2010


    Holistic Education for People and Place

    The Prama Institute is a conference and retreat center located on forested hilltops and grasslands surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains. It sits in Marshall, NC, near the French Broad River, about 25 minutes outside Asheville, NC. Our scenic and peaceful surroundings create the perfect place for educational conferences, yoga retreats, workplace seminars, and other events.

    Besides the high-quality conferences that the Prama Institute organizes all year round, the facility is also available for rent to all types of groups, organizations, and businesses. Our experienced staff is available to offer you assistance with event planning, marketing, and registration. Let us assist you in creating your own successful workshop or seminar.

    JULY 23 - 25

    Blissful Path to Bliss - Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Stephanie and Michael Johnson


    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    French Broad Chocolates

    Simply the best chocolate in Asheville. Located downtown on Lexington Ave.


    2005: Birth first baby (Sam) in the apartment above the restaurant. Realize they’re not beach people. Learn about theobroma cacao from Marcos, the artisanal cacao farmer down the road. Start to play with chocolate recipes. Get hitched, legitimizing their bastard son.

    2006: Sell Bread and Chocolate to a young buck (younger than Dan!) from Baltimore. Repatriate, in same school bus, newly ordained missionaries of chocolate. Move to Asheville, preggers once again. Start French Broad Luscious Chocolates.

    2007: Hone their chocolate repertoire. Birth Max at our house in West Asheville. Sell chocolates at tailgate markets, Earth Fare and on the interweb. Write a business plan at Mountain BizWorks for a retail location.

    2008: Open French Broad Chocolate Lounge February 2. Open seven days a week, we haven’t been closed since.

    photo credits: Christopher Shane


    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Local Buskers and Street Performers

    Some local street performers Around Asheville this weekend were captured by some of our area photo bloggers. Lots of talented folks around here and super surroundings just waiting to be captured and shared.

    Derek Olson Photography

    Through The Lens

    Found via Mountain Xpress