Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    America's "New Age Mecca"

    Asheville is a richly spiritual and metaphysical place, maybe because it's surrounded by mountains enjoying heavenly views, and angelic cloud forms, or it could be the huge amount of non-coherent quartz crystal in the ground (trillions of tons!)

    It is claimed that this area has more geological vortexes than anywhere in America...or maybe, as legend says, it's the energy that the Atlantian and Lemurian scientists implanted here after their civilization fell into the sea! There are even rumors that the Cherokee (with their blue eyes) were Atlantians. Asheville's mountains (oldest in the world!) tower some 6,800 ft above sea level, the highest point on North America closest to the Atlantic ocean


    Friday, July 01, 2011

    Asheville TravelingBonfires

    The Indie is BACK! Now called, “The Indie of Asheville,” this community publication that plied the streets and back-alleys and lounged at indie cafes and stores of Asheville for 7 seven years, will be back in August—alongside a rejuvenated Traveling Bonfires. We had a two-year sojourn in Los Angeles and another two years of “hiatus” in the mountains of Candler—but we are BACK, for sure! In case you want to hop in the beautiful madness (as intern/volunteer, writer-journalist, cool spirit)—CHECK OUT and email me: