Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Asheville Calling

    You've been drawn to Asheville. Compelled to move here. What's your story?

    When you live around here you hear about the vortex that draws people here and the individual stories of people who were either drawn here or visited and never left.


    Alicia said...

    I am planning on moving to Asheville in the next year or so. I'm from New Albany, IN. I'm probably going to attend the School of Natural Healing. Good school, I hope. I am drawn to Asheville. It reminds me of Louisville, KY Bardstown Rd. There's just something about the moutains and people seem to be on a higher conscious level. I went to the church Jubilee when I visited in March( and although I'm not Christian, I loved it. I've never been to a church in my whole live really concerned about the environment and compassion.

    Anyway.., I just wanted to let you know I refer to this blog pretty often and I appreciate your posts.
    Thank you.

    Susan said...

    Hi Alicia--
    I looked at your website and I can see that Asheville is probably where you're meant to be! You mentioned Jubilee, and I don't know much about them except that Jay Joslin is on the staff there and is just a really nice guy. Also a site you might wanna look at is the Asheville Holistic Alternatives and it's packed full of all things natural, holistic, spiritual, well-- you get the idea!

    If your path leads you to Asheville one day, I'm sure you'll love it.

    Alicia said...

    Thanks Susan! I will most definitely look at the links. I appreciate your help! =)