Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    ACRC - Asheville Community Resource Center

    The ACRC houses many organizations dedicated to social change. They include:

    The Asheville Prison Books Program - free literature and materials
    The Women’s/Transgendered Health Project - information and support
    The Asheville Free School - Free classes and workshops
    The Asheville Global Report - news under- or unreported by mainstream
    Katuah Earth First! - local chapter of the environmental movement
    The Re-Cyclery bicycle collective - workshops on maintenance and repair
    The Jab Jab Self Defense Collective - share skills and create awareness



    mountainrebel said...

    sadly, the ACRC (back when it was on lexington ave and did actually host those groups) got evicted a couple years ago and was forced to move to hilliard instead. then they could no longer pay rent, and it ended up closing as a community space.

    Susan said...

    Thanks so much for the heads up on ACRC. My source was way off!