Friday, March 30, 2007

    Asheville Music Jamboree

    another great Deerfield's event....

    Asheville Music Jamboree: Welcome
    June 1-3 2007, Asheville NC

    For well over a century, the climate, the scenery and the welcoming openness of the people of Asheville have captured the hearts of poets, painters, princes and paupers alike. Regardless of status or standing, people have been drawn here from across the map, sharing their talents and ideas to create a cultural tapestry that's enormously rich in diversity and unrivaled beauty. June 1st through the 3rd, the Asheville Music Jamboree will embrace that diversity and beauty, inviting patrons from all walks of life to enjoy an eclectic mix of world-class entertainment and to celebrate a unique sense of community in an intimate setting of rolling hills and bountiful apple orchards.

    Music and dance devotees of all ages will gather to make new friends and renew old relationships. Children will laugh and sing and share and learn. Families will tuck away their laptops and gaming systems to rediscover the simple pleasure of each other's company. And couples will stroll by sparkling ponds as the festival's sounds and pageantry unfurl around them.

    We invite you to join the Jamboree and help us create an event that mirrors the true attraction of Asheville, its picturesque scenery, unbridled talent, spirited discourse and limitless hospitality.