Monday, April 23, 2007

    Drum Circle at Pritchard Park

    feel the power of the drum
    Originally uploaded by onelungbreathin.

    great shot from flickr on last weekend's drum circle at Pritchard Park in Asheville, NC. Would you say this guy is feeling it?


    Cindy said...

    This guy was terrific--both at drums and urging the crowd to join in his vocalizing the joy we were feeling at the drum circle.

    It was one of the best experiences I had on my first visit to Asheville. Kinda reminded me of those public gatherings in the 60's (I was involved in the protest movements) which are rare these days.

    Hope Asheville officials and citizens protect that little park--it's such a breath of fresh air after all the touristic stuff.

    Enjoy your blog-- it helped me understand a bit more about Asheville.

    Susan said...

    Thanks for your comments, Cindy. So nice to hear you enjoyed your visit here in Asheville and come again soon.