Monday, May 21, 2007

    For Catherine

    Asheville Based Film to be Released Wide-ish

    "For Catherine," the first feature film from Asheville writer/director Ethan Hunter, will be available on Netflix and in stores on Tuesday, May 22, 2007.

    Inspired by his bedeviled relationship with a young lady named, "Catherine," Hunter wrote the screenplay while still an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina Asheville, and he and his cast and crew would spend the next four years bringing to life this brutally funny, unflinchingly honest and ultra low-budget look at character and love in the twenty-first century.

    Beginning with a satirical stab at the unbearable Hollywood Romantic Comedy paradigm, "For Catherine" quickly dispenses with the clich├ęs of so many terrible films before flashing forward to show the viewer what happens after the leads in the Romantic Comedy walk off together into the sunset. Two years later we witness the young Duo Black (Grant "Stemage" Henry of Metroid Metal fame) feeling so suffocated by his life and so desperate for solitude that he Fed Ex’s everything he owns to himself. We watch as his friends and the delivery guy try to help him reclaim his life along with his belongings.

    This uniquely sincere comedy, produced for less that the price of a decent used car and filmed entirely in Asheville, NC, has been fortunate enough to gather a devoted fan base and receive several awards, high acclaim and exceptional reviews in dozens of countries on every continent except Antarctica (and we’re working on that to be sure) and on May 22nd will be finally be available on Netflix and in stores everywhere.

    Asheville Citizen-Times
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