Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Asheville Green Drinks

    Every Friday Night at 6:30 pm at Bobo Gallery (22 Lexington Ave) a group of people interested in the environment meet for networking and a micro-forum ( The micro-forum has had good programming including these topics and featured guests:

    Cathy Holt - Green Roofs Presentation (for civic center)
    Rebbecca Bowe - The Gray Area Between Green and Greenwashing
    Paul Gallimore - On his book Healing Appalachia
    Wally Bowen - Media Reform (and saving URTV)

    In conclusion I would like to invite you out tonight for "Bioregional Issues: KatĂșah Then and Now" with featured guest David Wheeler to see what we are about. AGD starts at 6:30, forum starts at 7:30. Hopefully it will be exciting enough that you are inspired to participate. Bobo serves organic/local beer and wine so come on and join the fun.

    Much appreciation,
    AGD Organizers

    P.S. Please forward this on to your Green friends if you can!