Saturday, November 17, 2007

    FBI Operation Focused on Asheville Ends in Raid

    If you have never heard of Liberty Dollars, see here. I think that the degree to which the APD was party to this undercover investigation is directly relevant to our work as Citizens' Awareness Asheville. Were local law enforcement resources expended in this dubious assault on alternative currency?

    The future of an Evansville-based company that produces a "private voluntary barter currency" known as the Liberty Dollar is in question after federal agents raided the facility this week, according to an e-mail sent by its founder... Von NotHaus developed the Liberty Dollar in 1998 as an "inflation-proof" alternative currency to the U.S. Dollar, which he has claimed has devalued since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913. The silver medallions are produced by a private mint in Idaho on behalf of Evansville-based Liberty Services, which also issues paper notes which the group says are backed by silver reserves. (courierpress)

    For approximately six hours [FBI agents] took all the gold, all the silver, all the platinum and almost two tons of Ron Paul Dollars that where just delivered last Friday. They also took all the files, all the computers and froze [Liberty Dollar] bank accounts. (

    As for the mysterious connection to the Western District of North Carolina, [the affidavit filed] names William Innes of Asheville as a Regional Currency Officer for Liberty Dollar and an executive committee member of the company. Undercover government agents made Asheville a focus of their investigation as a result, attending area meetings of Liberty Dollar prospective buyers and sellers. (reason) via


    Johnny Lemuria said...

    This is just crazy. They are alleging fraud, but I haven't found out exactly what sort of fraud they thought (or say they thought) was going on.
    Btw, if you could link to the two local blogs Mount Dungeon ( and Pleasure Saucer ( we will return the favor.

    Gordon Smith said...

    Keep us posted on this as you learn more, will you? There's a lot more story here.

    Ron Paul dollars? It's getting too weird with the Paulites.

    Johnny Lemuria said...

    One final note:
    Recently, the Citizen Awareness Coalition of Asheville ( held a press conference, announcing the formation of our civilian police oversight review board and our copwatch program. Of all the media we invited, only the Mountain Xpress and the Blue Banner showed up. Although I am grateful for their coverage, I do feel distinctly snubbed by the rest of the so-called MSN. So, I am inviting you, as a blogger of note in Asheville, to observe our next meeting, 6:30 PM, Nov 28th, at the Asheville Brewing Company off Patton Ave. I am a firm believer in the necessity of our organization and urge you to mention our next meeting on your blog. I hope to see you there, and thank you for your time.

    Tim Peck said...

    1. Liberty Dollar Seizure Warrant

    2. Gordon, this is not about Ron Paul. Much as you wish it were.

    Anonymous said...

    I heard the FBI was going to auction off everything they seized! Wouldn't they be auctioning off evidence of an ongoing investigation?

    Sujaco said...
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