Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Raging Grannies Caroling, and a Partidge in a ...

    From the INBOX:

    The SAG (street action group) has made a plan to go to the Asheville Mall on December 22nd. We will meet at Earth Fare parking lot in the Westgate Plaza at 1pm and shuttle in for our action at 2pm.

    Our unified message will be "STOP BUYING BUSH'S WARS".

    I believe we will not be allowed in the mall with signs but if a bunch of people wear shirts with the message, it would have an impact. Make your own shirt or bring a shirt, we will have a template.

    We have also thought of carrying shopping bags with body parts hanging out of them. We will pass out flyers and the Raging Grannies will be caroling with alternative holiday tunes.

    Any ideas or comments you may have, call Kindra at 696-5218.

    Hope they have a good turnout