Friday, May 23, 2008

    The Green Sage

    How is The Green Sage Coffeehouse "green"?

    Friday, May 23rd at 6:30pm - Come hear about a model green business.

    The Green Sage, Asheville's fair trade organic coffeehouse, serving food made with local and organic ingredients, breakfast until 4pm, lunch & dinner til 9pm, 10pm on Friday and Saturday. First restaurant in downtown Asheville to install solar hot water panels on the roof.

    In the old Bean Street's location, on the corner of Broadway and College St. Partners are Randy Talley and Al Kirchner, both formerly involved with Earth Fare.


    Keri said...

    thanks for the blogroll add! this is a really interesting post, i had no idea that the green sage was so... well, green! i'm going to promote this in my blog as well (with a link credit to you, of course)!

    Anonymous said...

    We had breakfast at the Green Sage this morning. It sucked, and it was overpriced.

    I had to laugh, all the wannabe hipster types who would pay 20 bucks for a small, kinda crummy breakfast, and then clean their own table.

    Kudos to Randy Talley: the New PT Barnum of restaurant owners in Asheville.

    Sujaco said...

    Anon: I really appreciate your comment and your honest review. As the Green "revolution" explodes all around us, many have found another way to rip us off by attaching the (Green) label to the product.

    Other reviews? Input?