Sunday, June 08, 2008

    Fowl Play in Asheville?

    from the Inbox

    Have you ever dreamed of walking into your back yard and collecting fresh eggs from your own chickens? Have you dreamed of never again paying $4/dz for organic free range eggs? Would you like an all natural and totally green way to rid your garden of insects and bugs?

    Dream no more. A group of people have begun meeting at Greenlife to develop an amendment to the current Asheville city ordinance regarding keeping a small number of chickens within city limits.

    The group ( hopes to collaborate with city officials to establish a more friendly distance requirement. The current restrictions now prevent urban folks to tend small back yard coops. Restrictions on size of habitat, number, roosters would be emphasized.

    For any suggestions/input, interest, or even help please send your comments and contact info to Jenny at

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    Kelly said...

    that's amazing! more power to this movement... i hope it works!

    Andrew said...

    Growing up on a small farm in Michigan, my family had upwards of 100 chickens at times, and I was tasked with taking care of them. Chickens can be very easy to take care of, and a half dozen of them could produce enough eggs for you, your spouse, and your kids with some leftover. A good laying hen lays one a day... you do the math!

    Sujaco said...

    Hi Kelly: Yes, I hope it works, too. It speaks to the downwardly mobile, simple lifestyle that's been gaining so much ground lately.

    Andrew: 100 chickens? Now that must have been a major chore! Six does seem much more manageable.

    I wonder about city ordinances for chicken pens, etc. Hmmm.