Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    SantaCon In Asheville!

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    It starts at 3pm at Rocket Club off of Haywood Rd. There's also a pre-party noon-3 at someone's house on Riverview Rd., but I don't know the exact address. Public transportation will be used to get around.

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    ***Asheville SantaCon is December 6th*** That's right kids, it's that time again. SantaCon is coming!!! I've seen the pics from the last few years and have to say, Yall do it right!!!! Just to remind everyone, I have listed the rules for SantaCon again. There is no Santa in charge to call. If you can't show up for the start, get the phone number of someone who can help you catch up later.

    1. AGAIN! Santa does not make children cry. Really - If you see kids, give them nice toys, candy, or something pleasant. Parents and Tourists are a different matter altogether -- adjust based on their attitude.

    2. Santa dresses for all occasions. It's December. Smart Santas wear multiple costume layers. Dress to maximize merriment whether singing Christmas carols in the snow, or swinging from a stripper pole.

    3. Santa doesn't whine! We will be outside alot and commuting mainly on foot -- bring enough "snacks" to keep your pie-hole filled until we get indoors.

    4. Bring gifts -- NAUGHTY gifts to give grown ups; NICE stuff to give kids. Throwing coal at people is discouraged no matter who they are. YES THAT INCLUDES POLITICIANS. But giving out coal is always ok?.

    5. Watching Santa get drunk and obnoxious is fun. Babysitting Santa while they vomit in an alley is not. Don't be that Santa.

    6. Pay for your Beer and tip the bar staff, we want to be able to this again. Bribery gets you everywhere! Also pay for your beer or drink as soon as you get it. Other Santas get tired of waiting on Santas to clear their tab before being able to move on. This entire adventure should be a cash only. Credit Cards only take longer.

    7. No Santas left behind. Don't go leaving one or two Santas in the process. Santa dont like that. Pick a few people you know and keep an eye out for them when it's time to move to the next location. If you don't see them, speak up so everyone waits. Every Santa should have at least 2-3 other Santas they look out for and that look out for them. We don't want to leave someone in the shitter and have them wandering around looking for us. Santa is safer in numbers. What one Santa couldn't get away with without getting questioned, 50 can. Stick together Santas! More »


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