Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Paul Hersey - Organic Armour

    Paul Hersey, the tailor to the gods, goddesses, warriors and priestesses of our world works in an unassuming studio on Lyman Street in Asheville. He fashions the gold and copper breastplates, armbands, headdresses and elaborate belts that supernatural beings wear for ceremonial purposes, performances or just for really great parties.

    Made with foam, latex, paint, faux jewels and a heaping dose of transformative power, Paul Hersey's "Organic Armor" is simply divine in more ways than one, and to wear it is to discover the hidden warrior-princess-tribal-punk-fairy that you never even knew lurked within you.

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    Jennifer said...

    That's my honey! Thanks for the post.
    We have a studio on Lyman in the River District. Stop by for a visit to see the divine stuff IRL.

    Susan said...

    Cool! Thanks for visiting, Jennifer! I will visit with you guys soon.