Friday, August 21, 2009

    "Rethink Afghanistan" movie on August 27th

    Film & Discussion — Free
    Thursday, August 27, 2009 7-9PM
    North Asheville Library, 1030 Merrimon Ave.

    Since the October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S. has spent almost
    $225 billion and coalition forces have lost more than 1300 troops. In just
    the first six months of 2009, we killed more than 1,000 civilians. There
    is no end in sight.

    Why are we still there? Are the people of Afghanistan any better off? Have
    women’s rights improved? Is the government stable? Are there better ways
    to spend our tax dollars? Is our military presence effective?

    Carnegie Endowment's Gilles Dorronsoro says:
    "The mere presence of foreign soldiers fighting a war in Afghanistan is
    probably the single most important factor in the Taliban's resurgence."

    What do you say?

    Join Veterans For Peace for a screening and discussion of Brave New Films’
    documentary, “Rethink Afghanistan” ( This
    full-length documentary about America’s escalating military involvement in
    the country provides expert opinions as well as troubling images as it
    answers many questions and raises others. More info: (828) 626-2572