Monday, November 30, 2009

    Protesters Chain Themselves To Generator

    Breaking News: Two people are locked down to the Cliffside generator in Greenville, SC. Press release below and more info coming. Also keep track at:

    Photo taken today near Cliffside coal plant

    Greenville, SC - Two protestors have locked themselves to the 1.5 million pound generator destined for Duke Energy’s Cliffside coal plant in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Protestors are vowing to prevent the generator, which has been traveling across South Carolina on a 300 foot trailer, from reaching the coal plant. “Our nation has no choice, we must stop burning coal. The only choice that we can make is whether we do that in time to still have breathable air, drinkable water, a livable climate, and standing mountains,” said, Catherine Anne. Protestors also draped a large banner from the top of the generator reading, “Stop Cliffside.”

    The 880,000-pound generator is on its way to Duke Energy's Cliffside Steam Station in Boiling Springs, N.C.

    An environmental group called Asheville Rising Tide said in a statement sent to FOX Carolina that the protesters are vowing to prevent the generator from reaching the coal plant. via