Friday, April 23, 2010

    It's The "All Go West" Festival

    Haywood Road district gets its own festival on Saturday

    The inaugural All Go West Festival in Asheville, NC is on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 from noon -10pm.

    Long gone are the days when West Asheville was written off by residents as “Worst Asheville.” That frontier off Haywood Road has been settled by artists and entrepreneurs, hipsters and hippies.

    This transformation into a bustling creative neighborhood is what the All Go West festival is celebrating from noon-10 p.m. Saturday.

    This free street festival will be behind the Rocket Club and near Harvest Records on Waynesville Avenue, Westwood Place and Michigan Avenue in West Asheville. All Go West focuses on neighboring products featuring local art, food, beer vendors and musicians.

    Exhibits and booths will showcase local Asheville artists and local nonprofits. There will be an Asheville craft beer tasting from noon-3 p.m. Tickets for the tasting are $20 advance online at or at The Rocket Club.

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