Saturday, June 26, 2010

    Pack Square Park, Downtown Asheville

    If you've not been in downtown Asheville the past year or so, you are in for a surprise. Pleasant or not, depending on your point of view.

    They had to bulldoze over some lovely trees to put in lots of concrete but they did leave lots of grass and sculpture in their wake. I was so against the tearing down on one specific tree. But there is more room for live outdoor concerts, plays, picnics, and more.

    And I haven't mentioned the best part yet. Smack dab in front of the old City-County Plaza is dancing water fountains. From afar it looks like a large, flat brick courtyard. But keep watching and water will begin spraying up the many spouts. Day or night will find young children and adults playing in the dancing water, which has been nicknamed, "Splashville". At night, you'll notice that the water shooting up is different colors.

    The Vance Monument is still there. Behind it where the large pool of water once stood is now a beautiful 20' wide water fountain.

    Pack Square Park provides a wonderful venue for events, both old and new. George Pack, who left the land to the city in 1901 specified that it only be used as a park for the people.

    So, who's been? Do you like the changes downtown? Or does it suck royally? Go see for yourself in person and in the mean time, take a look at this link here and this one here.