Monday, December 13, 2010

    Activist Clare Hanrahan

    Activist Clare Hanrahan may leave the front lines, but her voice still rings out - by Jason Sandford, Citizen-Times

    In her younger days, she marched with garbage workers in Memphis, Tenn., in the wake of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

    She has shaken her fist at the front gates of bomb-making factories. She has chanted with immigrants demanding fair treatment. She has stood silent vigil with women advocating for an end to war.

    And she once trespassed on the grounds of the Fort Benning, Ga., military base, home to a military training school commonly known as the School of the Americas — an offense for which she spent six months in federal prison in 2002.

    “At one point in my life, I thought if I screamed loud enough and worked hard enough and was unrelenting in my kind of advocating and demanding, I could make change,” Hanrahan said.

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    Great story on a true peace warrior from Asheville.