Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    Center of Unlimited Possibilities

    The goal of C.U.P. is to enable members to achieve their highest potential on all levels of being; the physical, mental, intuitive, and spiritual. It is in this attainment that one secures the deepest and most all-embracing sense of peace and harmony with self and all of creation. We believe that at the highest level of human potential, miracles become ordinary. The center is a place of inspiration and support of evolutionary achievements. An empowered space where new boundries, paradigms, and beliefs are created. The time for a major shift has arrived and all are invited to participate.

    Today C.U.P. is in the early stages of creation. We have found a central Asheville location for preliminary core member meetings to prepare for a Grand Opening in the Spring of 2006. These meetings will be every other Wednesday from 6:30-9pm starting February and onward. This is the time to get involved and assist in creating the most inspirational gathering center ever. All input will be welcome. Every Wednesday's meeting will also have an "all you can eat" vegetarian dinner.