Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Croatan Event


    April 21-23rd, 2006

    Dr. Dennis McKenna will be talking about his updated research into Ayahuasca and will also be speaking at Malaprops in Asheville,NC, on the 22nd too. His main lecture will be later in the evening back at the Croatan site.


    Dennis McKenna will be talking about his updated research into Ayahuasca
    Michael Crowley
    Sun Frog
    Esiris Kayab Lyons
    Adam Sanderson
    Shad Marquitz

    CX-1 Bluegrass Boys
    (Members of Acoustic Syndicate and Snake Oil Medicine Show)

    Caroline Pond
    (Vassar Clemens, Snake Oil Medicine Show, Mad Tea Party)

    Androcell live* Celestial Dragon Recordings, Arizona
    Alien Blue Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, NYC
    Quetzatl -live electronics Radical Turf Records, Asheville
    Glossolalia *live* Intuitive Arts Multimedia
    Logos - *live* Intuitive Arts Multimedia
    Nod & BrainLizzard TOUCH samadhi, Asheville
    Blue Spectral Monkey - Interchill, Asheville
    Medisin TOUCH samadhi, Asheville
    Kri - TOUCH samadhi, Asheville
    Shad - TOUCH samadhi, Nashville
    Iduna - TOUCH samadhi, Asheville
    KT - independent
    Joshu - Evoke Community, Asheville
    Jeremie - Evoke Community, Asheville

    artwork by Alex Grey
    Eli Morgan, NYC
    Marisa Scirocco, NYC
    Intuitive Arts Multimedia
    Devotee Touch Samadhi
    and more Asheville and East TN artists

    Opening Ceremony: by Sakkred Circle

    No Alcohol or Pets (no exceptions - period)
    Leave No Trace event - please carpool
    Rides available from airport - please contact us
    Directions will be mailed with tickets
    Video taping with mailed permission only
    Food on site - provided by Bearly Edible

    Tickets are $50 for the weekend ($3.00 S/H)
    due to land impact, no day passes.
    Buy @


    John said...

    This is to state a correction from the Staff of Croatan, Emmet Carney IS NOT a NORML attorney - this was a misprint that appeared on the original Croatan flyer in 2006. Emmet is, however, an excellent defense attorney, but he is not affiliated AT ALL with NORML.

    He has asked that this be posted on all websites that reference him as a member of NORML.

    Neither the staff of Croatan nor the offices of Carney Law were affiliated with NORML.

    Susan said...

    I'll be happy to remove that part from this post. Thanks.