Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Asheville Fringe Festival

    Proudly Weird & Wonderful - Asheville Fringe Festival

    Call for Artists for 2008 Festival- Apply now!

    Application deadline for this festival is: Nov 2, 2007



    Asheville should be synonymous with Fringe Festival by now. Come on, all you beautiful freaks! Come on out and play.


    Anonymous said...

    Activist/US of Appalachia author Jeff Biggers will be at Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville
    on Sunday, November 11th, 1-3pm

    The United States of Appalachia
    Jeff Biggers

    "Read it and your faltering hopes will rise."
    Studs Terkel

    "Biggers has fashioned a masterpiece of popular
    history . . . revelations abound." Citizen-Times

    Appalachia has long been a vanguard region in the
    United States, a cradle offreedom and independence and
    a hotbed for the arts, ranging from the American
    Revolution to the abolitionist, labor and civil rights movements, and groundbreaking literary and musical inventions. Far from being in the backwash of American history, Appalachia has produced some of our country's most important innovators, including Cherokee inventor Sequoyah,
    Black History Month founder Carter Woodson, folk, jazz and country music legends Bessie Smith, WC Handy, Nina Simone, the Carter Family, Stanley Brothers and
    Loretta Lynn, NY Times publisher Adolph Ochs, legions of authors including Pearl S. Buck, Thomas Wolfe, Edward Abbey, Cormac McCarthy, Henry Louis Gates, James Still and Rebecca Harding Davis, and social activists John
    Rankin, Martin Delany, Myles Horton and Walter Reuther, to name only a few. With humor, intelligence, and clarity, Jeff Biggers shows that to understand
    American history it is essential to know Appalachian history.

    "Biggers tells his story with verve and vivid detail, a story that will at once provoke and inspire."
    Robert Morgan, author of Gap Creek and Brave Enemies

    "Biggers' book educates us as to just how biased and
    ignorant we really are about this region and its rich
    legacy of cultural, political, and intellectual
    pioneers.."The United States of Appalachia" is full of
    historical insights..."
    San Antonio Express-News

    Jeff Biggers has worked as a writer, radio correspondent, and educator across the United States,
    Europe, India, and Mexico. His award-winning stories and programs have aired on NPR and PRI and
    have appeared in various magazines and newspapers. Author of In the Sierra Madre, he also coedited No
    Lonesome Road: Selected Prose and Poems of Don West, which won an American Book Award. For more
    information, visit his website:

    Sujaco said...

    Thanks, Anonymous! Keep those good links coming.