Sunday, October 07, 2007

    Are you different? Do you refuse to be normal? Are you a freak in the mainstream? GREAT! is building a progressive community of thinkers, doers, movers and shakers who live and groove outside the box. If you are ready to tap into a social consciousness that thinks for itself and is ready to express it all, this is it!

    You’re adopted! Your ideas are welcome! You now have friends! Ok, we admit we are slightly off-center - but our funky functionality and creative info-tainment make up for what hygiene and good manners we’re lacking. We may be a little sarcastic at times but our twisted nature gives us the ability to break down barriers, soar with the park pigeons and move mountains of mental baggage that makes way for people who are ready to shift gears to a winning slot in the human race.

    Are you into FreakinPolitics? Maybe you are a FreakinNewYork or a FreakinSeattle or perhaps you’re interested in everyFreakinThing we have to offer. Well here it is, here’s your chance to launch yourself into FreakinUniverse.


    zen said...

    I'm proud to be a freak and have watched this site grow from a leedle posting board to the coolness that it is today. Very Asheville, very FreakinUniverse.

    Sujaco said...

    Thanks for your input, zen. I also watched it grow and blossom, I thinking it's been around 10 years or so when I first saw it. It was about the only decent Asheville people-related website with the good stuff on where to go, new bands, etc.