Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    October 5th Fundraiser: Spahgetti/Salad Dinner*Drum Circle*Live Auction

    Stop by and buy a meal for a good cause before going to Pritchard Park!

    River Guerguerian, Daniel Barber, Sunny Keach and Jerry Donoghue will be leading the drumming.

    Starting 6:00 pm at Odyssey School in Montford (90 Zilicoa Rd.)

    A new K-8 alternative school. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for Compassionate Communication class scholarships. This is one of the few school communities in the world that is making the commitment to train, parents, children, staff, and teachers in using Compassionate Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication).

    Tickets $12 adults, $8 kids (under 13), under 3 free.
    To purchase tickets contact Ellie at
    776-5514 or e-mail:


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    I've added your blog to my site, and I hope you'll add mine to your list.

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