Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Adding My Voice to Around Asheville

    Around Asheville has kindly provided me with a forum to comment on local issues as a guest blogger. I’ll use my status as an Around Asheville guest blogger sparingly; after all, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, guests, like fish, begin to smell after a few days.

    I’ve visited Asheville regularly since 1990, but I’m a relatively new resident. My love for Asheville drove me to alter the course of my life in order to fulfill my wish to live in this wonderful city. It’s my hope that I can give something back to the community by blogging about worthwhile local topics, events, and causes. That’s why I’ve agreed to add my voice to Around Asheville. Meanwhile, I will continue to post content related to Asheville on my own blogs. Currently, I have two blogs dedicated to aspects of Asheville pop culture: My photoblog captures images from my first year here, while a section of my ephemera blog features Asheville-related papers and historic documents.

    I look forward to posting topics of interest on Around Asheville, and I look forward to exchanging ideas and comments with you. Asheville is one of the greatest places in the world—a happy, gentle place with so much to offer. Thank you for welcoming me.