Friday, January 25, 2008

    Faces of Asheville: Community and Individuality are Sacred

    I originally posted a blurb on ephemera about the Faces of Asheville project, but I think this portrait documentary project deserves further recognition and comment. For those who haven’t heard, Jenny G. Bowen, an Asheville-based professional photographer, is the creative force behind Faces of Asheville. She’s in the midst of taking hundreds of pictures of Ashevillians—between now and April 1, 2008—with the intent “to visually document the eclectic and outstanding friends and neighbors who make up the well as the zeitgeist of Asheville.”

    I recently had the pleasure of sitting for a Faces of Asheville portrait. During my half-hour photo session, Jen said she hopes to exhibit the photograph in early 2009. She still needs a few hundred more participants, so I encourage everyone in Asheville (and the surrounding area) to schedule a photo shoot with Jen as soon as possible. For more details on becoming part of this worthwhile and exciting project, visit Jen’s Web site.

    When I left the photo session, Jen handed me a note with further instructions. Her note included the following thought, which I believe drives home the significance and importance of this project: “My wish is that through voicing the ideas, hopes, dreams, and fears of a wide variety of citizens we can gain a greater understanding of our city’s current status, and develop a conscious design of our future. When this documentary is looked at a century from now—people will not only see your unique portrait of individually—but they will also examine how we as a community came together during this period in Asheville history to develop the future in which we will reside. There is a great change happening in the world on so many various levels, and this is our moment to be mindful of how our city and our lives will transform and take shape during this momentous time of decision.”


    Don Talley said...

    Great Post.
    I think the Faces of Asheville project is tremendously important. Dont we all wish there was a similar project from previous decades so we could see the "changing faces" of Asheville?

    I set for the original project and just had my sitting for the new revised FOA project last week.

    Getting to know Jen Bowen has been a pleasure and she typifies everything good about Asheville.
    Love of Community
    Resilience in the face of Adversity
    Perseverance thru hard times
    Embarking on a major undertaking with inadequate financial resources but a committment to do it anyway

    Changing Topics....I'd be honored for yall to include my new Asheville Music Scene website on your list of links. (

    Sujaco said...

    Thanks for your comment, Don! I've just added your site to the list.

    Anytime you have any news, music or otherwise, comment or email us and we'll be happy to get it posted here on Around Asheville. Take good care...