Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    IVAW Storms UNCA

    I have finally calmed down. There was an action in the Highsmith building of UNCA today. I arrived to be a quiet observer and film the action. It happened a little after noon today and now, at a bit after 2pm, I have finally calmed down.

    Soldiers in camo and full gear stormed the student building across from the downstairs cafe. A handful of SDS students posed as Iraqis sitting in their home. As the soldiers swept the room, they screamed, "GET THE FUCK DOWN, DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW! MOVE! NOW! MOVE IT YOU STUPID BITCH!". A crowd started to gather, as it was lunchtime anyway. The Marine recruiters who had a table set up near by, acted like nothing was happening.

    [Read More ...] | this photo and more taken by the Gaias Tears website.


    Josh Sykes said...

    Thanks for posting this. Read the UNCA SDS / IVAW-Asheville Joint Statment here: