Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    UNCA Students for a Democratic Society

    Panel on the Iraq War

    Date: Tuesday, March 11 2008
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Place: Laurel Forum, Karpan Hall, UNCA Campus
    Admission: Free, donations welcome

    UNCA SDS is holding a panel followed by a question and answer session regarding the Iraq war and its consequences for women, the environment, the economy, and society in Iraq. It will also discuss the resistance to the war both in Iraq and in countries like the United States.

    Speakers: (all are members of UNCA SDS)

    Kati Ketz: The war's impact on women in Iraq
    Michael Graham: The war's impact on the environment
    Jessica Randell: The social and human costs of the war
    Brian Chorley: The war's impact on the economy of Iraq
    Josh Sykes: The resistance to the war

    For more info contact: Brian Chorley,, (315) 402 0092

    I received this anonymously via email, so thank you so much to whoever sent it.