Monday, March 31, 2008


    Reveal Your Inner Wisdom

    Three Amigos With One Vision

    Nowadays James, Bruce, and Lauren (whose diverse paths have led them out of the Ivy League, down the Appalachian Trail, and through the joys and challenges of stay-at-home-parenting) come together each day and try to imagine ways that Wisdomology can enlighten, inspire, inform, and connect people whose backgrounds are as diverse as their own.

    There's a lot of beautiful spirits swirling around WISDOMOLOGY. Go see for yourself!


    wisdomology said...

    Sujaco, you have such a wonderful blog! We LOOVE Asheville, and though it took a pretty huge effort to get us here (we didn't realize how deep our roots were in Atlanta until we pulled them up!), we are so happy here. For all the reasons you catalog on this blog!

    For example, just Saturday, a group of people doing a mindful walk from downtown to Montford Park stopped and did Chi Gong on our lawn! What an amazing experience, and I don't know where else you can experience such richness.

    Thank you for your kind review of Wisdomology! Keep us on your radar - there's something very big ahead! Something very, very Asheville...

    Blessings to you!

    James from