Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Asheville Calling

    Email your story to Asheville Calling about how Asheville "called you".

    It doesn't look like the site's been updated lately, but it is still fascinating. The very fact that this website exists helps to define the stories about the "pull" that Asheville has.

    Toss in the word "Vortex" and you'll be pulled into a conversation that could last for hours. Local folklore? Asheville secret? Depends on who you ask. My first conversation about that was in the 80s at a bar called The Brass Tap on Merrimon Ave, long gone after Atlanta Bread Company mowed it down.



    Going Crunchy said...

    My heart so hurts to move back to my mountains. Yes, it is a calling.

    I'll see you in a few years if I have my way.