Thursday, April 24, 2008

    What the (bleep) is Performance Art???

    A variety show with local performance artists Julie Becton Gillum, John Crutchfield, Jim Julien, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Elisa Faires, Alexander Jacobs, Julia DeVita, Qi Shen & Natalie Arosemema-Achi

    Performances include “Black Snow Flying Upwards or My Embarrassment” by John Crutchfield which he describes as “a jittery vaudeville solo about a monotonous crucifixion”; Jim Julien’s “In Search of a New Delicious”, a short monologue on recent scientific discoveries in the perception of taste and a live demonstration of sensory excitement. Claire Elizabeth Barratt will present a motion sculpture/movement installation titled “Come” and “Go”.

    Several of the performers are from Warren Wilson College where they take a class from well-known local performer and Butoh dancer Julie Becton Gillum.