Monday, July 21, 2008

    The 2008 National Convention

    Latest SDS Convention Updates:

    This summer, from July 24-28, join SDSers from around the country for our Third National Convention! SDS has grown in numbers, in organizational capacity, and in prominence over the past year, and it’s time to celebrate those successes and decide how to move forward as an organization. We left the second convention, and the subsequent ratification process, with several excellent instruments that have served us quite well, including many of the National Working Groups, the SDS News Bulletin, and more.

    We still do not have a formal national structure yet, however, and it’s time to ask, once again, how do we organize ourselves? How do we make SDS as horizontal, diverse, and accessible as possible? How do we spread out national work and empower more people to take on leadership? How can we better provide support for chapters around the country? In short, how can we become a truly effective organization that can seriously challenge the power structure of this country, and work towards building a truly democratic society?

    Join us in College Park, MD to discuss these questions and more, to build skills, to network, and build our organization! We’re working on travel stipends, so don’t let a lack of funds get in the way of participating in this important event!

    Folks are encouraged to arrive on Thursday, July 24th and depart Monday, July 28th. Although all decision making will start July 25th and end the evening of July 27th, there will be social events and good times July 24th and possibly an action July 28th.