Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Tersicorps - Theatre of Dance

    Hurricane & Other Forces Of Nature

    August 7-9, 8pm

    Diana Wortham Theatre
    2 South Pack Square
    Asheville, NC 28801

    $30/$25 students & seniors

    Our lovely ladies return to join the men for Hurricane & other forces of nature, featuring the Asheville premiere of Maloy’s award winning, "Hurricane." The piece, created for the 21st Century Choreographic Competition in April, will be restaged for the Terpsicorps dancers. The idea for "Hurricane" grew out of the climate crisis that is becoming increasingly apparent in today’s world. The choreography embodies the strength, patterns and progression of a hurricane from its beginnings at sea to its aftermath on land. The dancers portray the hurricane itself, as well as individuals impacted by the escalating fear of climate change. Maloy will be collaborating once again with projection artist G. Craig Hobbs.

    Footage of actual hurricanes will swirl around the dancers adding to the atmosphere of a storm, with recorded music by Godspeed You Black Emperor! and costumes by Asheville’s premiere fashion designer R. Brooke Priddy.

    Terpsicorps also has a myspace page. orps