Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    Are You A freak?

    The Freaks Pageant is much like a standard beauty pageant, but without the beauty, swimsuits and tiaras. You'll perform your fabulous offbeat talents, show your best get-up-and-go costume gear, and of course, give the all-important interview.

    And, much like standard beauty pageants, you can bribe the judges. At the auditions, expect to perform a short piece of your choosing and show photos of your costume creations (or other -fully clothed- exploits).

    Please register immediately to receive audition guidelines by e-mailing

    A registration fee of $25 will be required to secure an audition appointment.

    The Freaks of Asheville pageant will take place at Grove House (11 Grove Street) from 8-10 p.m. Feb. 13.

    Contestants will perform a 3-minute talent segment, show a costume of their own creation runway style and respond to 3 minutes worth of interview questions relevant to the kingdom of freaky behavior and thought. Contestants will compete for a single appearance in the 2011 Freaks of Asheville Calendar.

    The Freaks of Asheville Pageant is produced by Kitty Love, Craggie Brewing Company, and the Freaks of Asheville. The Freaks of Asheville calendar is a fundraiser for Arts 2 People.

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