Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Asheville Art Scene This Weekend - 2 Events

    How to survive as an Artist? The future of Riverside Arts District & creating an Artist Resource Center

    When: Fri, March 20, 6pm – 8pm

    Where: Firestorm Cafe @ 48 Commerce St

    You've come to Asheville because you've heard it's the happening place for the Arts Scene - but how do you connect with other artists and learn about festivals, events, and venues to sell your art? What are the organizations & grants available to help artists make their means and connect with other creative thinkers? And looking deeper - how does the philosophy of art as a major artery in the life-blood of Asheville allow us to utilize the potential of creative design and innovation in coming era?

    Learn about the discussions concerning the future development of the Riverside Arts District & where there are affordable creative spaces and studios in Asheville.

    Discuss the creative opportunities involved with developing an Artist Resource Center in Asheville (as called for in the Downtown Master Plan) and how to get involved with it's effort.

    For more information please contact Jen G. Bowen at

    Public Arts Space, Graffiti, & Murals

    When: Sun, March 22, 6pm – 8pm

    Where: Rosetta's Kitchen @ 111 Broadway St.


    Where can buskers, jugglers, hula-hoopers, actors, break-dancers, and spray paint artists go in Asheville to act out their creative tasks?
    Learn about the different free expression spaces and the rules of public use.
    Discuss the current policies and issues concerning graffiti, and the opportunities that can be found with public free-space walls and community mural projects.

    More info about the Asheville ABC series can be found at

    For more information please contact Jen G. Bowen at

    Faces of Asheville
    Portrait Documentary Project
    **Opening June 5th @ the Satellite Gallery in Dntn Asheville**

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    Asheville ABC's Community Conversations

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