Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Gathering of the Peacemakers

    Life-changing Vacations in Beautiful Mountain Retreat Settings!
    Reservations needed as space is limited!

    The goal of our retreats is to prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the coming decades of change so that we might share this peace with others.

    Days of Conscious Instruction
    Solar, wind, wilderness & earth skills, organic gardening, perma-culture, affordable & green shelters, building your own house, healing arts & holistic health, yoga, intentional communities, handling your money wisely, voluntary simplicity, creating & sustaining loving unions, finding your mission in life, staying awake in a sleeping world, creating visionary events & work, drumming circles, Hopi & Mayan prophecies, forgiveness & condolence ceremonies, & more! We also host a Native American “Elder-in-Residence” at each Gathering.

    Nights of Celebration & Conscious Music
    As the sun sets, we celebrate together. First, we gather around the fire circle where, via storytelling and video footage, we travel together through our books where you meet the Native America, Mayan and Rastafarian Elders and hear their messages of unconditional love for all. Our evening parties follow with performances by conscious recording artists including, Laura Reed & Deep Pocket, Roots Nation, Chalwa, Robanic, Tim Robinson, Songs of Solomon, Julian Abey, Black Rebels & more. Afterwards, there are drumming circles and our One Love Coffee Shop stays open late.

    The Roskind family has organized and hosted 80+ free One Love Events at schools, prisons, Native American reservations and public venues in Jamaica and the U.S. All gatherings feature Jamaican and American conscious recording artists and carry the same core message: we are here to learn and teach love. They have also produced an award-winning PBS series and have authored 7Bob books that carry a message of unconditional love - One Love

    Check out THEIR website -

    The gathering is just what Jah ordered