Saturday, March 07, 2009

    Asheville Free Book Exchange


    Greetings book lovers of Buncombe County and beyond. You are now welcome and invited to experience one of the latest installments to the Asheville River Arts District. We are the "Asheville Free Book Exchange," an experiment in the art of shepherding literature by the community and for the community.

    Here, on location, we are housing and displaying books for visitors to peruse. Enjoy a comfortable space here to sit while reading or surfing via wi-fi. If you have books you are ready to let go, bring them in. Recycle your books here so others may enjoy them. Find some books here that you would like to bring home.

    Asheville Free Book Exchange is also hosting a variety of functions, activities, group meets, film screenings, art and craft showings, and celebrations. Would you like to schedule an event at the Asheville Free Book Exchange? Write us an email, call us direct, and/or meet with us here during the week.

    Asheville Free Book Exchange
    191 Lyman Street, Suite 320
    Asheville, NC 28801 USA
    tel: 404.933.9173


    Kate said...

    Hey Susan,

    Unrelated to the post question...but are the friday night drum circles back in full swing yet? We're traveling to Asheville the first week in April and I'm thinking about giving my to-be 10 year old son a drum for his birthday (which happens to be the friday we're in town)....

    Susan said...

    Hi Kate,

    I'm checking on that for you right now. As soon as I get an email reply I'll update this comment here.

    I do know that they were there 2 weeks ago on a Friday but don't know about this past Friday. Also since you're looking for a drum, you might consider talking to the folks at Skinny Beats.

    Susan said...

    Alright, here's what I found out... if the weather continues to be as beautiful as it's been, it's safe to say there'll be a circle every Friday at Pritchard Park around 5:30 or 6:00.

    Hope this helps!